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Boston Red Sox's Rafael Devers celebrates after his solo home run during the third inning of a baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles, Sunday, May 29, 2022, in Boston. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

The month of May is almost over, but, in our JefeBet App, the fanaticism that sports generate does not stop. Rather, it comes loaded with a lot of emotion and interesting plays, especially with regard to Major League Baseball, from which we leave you three of the best plays available for this Monday, May 30, 2022. Do not miss it.

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Baltimore Orioles vs. Boston Red Sox

How Many Hits Will There Be in the First Three Innings?

This matchup will measure two of the hottest offensive teams in Major League Baseball in the final week, especially when it comes to the Red Sox. That’s why it’s expected that with two hit-and-run starters like Tyler Wells and Rich Hill, racing will be the order of the day.

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However, this time what brings us here are the hits that these two teams can connect. So far this season, Wells has allowed 23 hits in 25 episodes worked between the first and third innings, while Hill has allowed 21, in 23 episodes worked between those same innings.

Pick: 7+.

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Kansas City Royals vs. Cleveland Guardians

How Many Home Runs Will Be Hit in the Game?

Monday’s game between the Royals and the Guardians might have a few runs but not a lot of homers, or at least that’s what the stats like this suggest.

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While Kansas City is the fifth team with the fewest home runs this season (34), the Guardians, who have José Ramírez, are seventh (37). To this we must add that the commitment will be played at Progressive Field in Cleveland, the stadium where the fewest home runs have been given this season according to ESPN’s MLB Park Factors, averaging just 0.542 per commitment.

Pick: 1

Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers

Which Team Will Hit the First Home Run in the Game?

Last but not least, we could have the most feasible play of the day in this commitment between the Twins and the Tigers, since we have a team from Minnesota that is among the 15 best home runs in the entire league, and one from Detroit that is last in all major leagues.

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While the Twins, with Carlos Correa and company, add 46 home runs in the season, the Tigers have barely 25. Besides, we must consider that Beau Brieske will start for Detroit, who this season has allowed seven home runs in 30.1 innings for an average of 2.1 HR/9.

Pick: Twins.

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