Liga MX 2022 Final: The Best Memes and Reactions Left by the Return of Atlas vs. Pachuca

memes de la final de la Liga MX y el bicampeonato del Atlas

The final of the Liga MX left us, in addition to the Two-time Atlas Championship, with a handful of memes. As always, there are people who were not happy with the result and, thus, expressed it on social networks.

Atlas had taken a 2-0 lead against Pachuca in the first leg, and it was expected that the second leg would be quite close. But above all, the reaction capacity was expected from the “Tuzos” who were the general Super Leader of the Clausura 2022.

And so, things turned out as Pachuca prevailed 2-1 in the second leg, but thanks to the advantage, it was Atlas who won the Liga MX final with an aggregate score of 3-2. With this, the red and black became two-time champions and also the champion of champions.

Social networks were flooded with messages accusing Atlas of having bought the title and baptized them “RATLAS”, due to some arbitration decisions that seemed tendencious in favor of the Guadalajaran team.

Despite the fact that Atlas was left with one less player in the final stretch of the match (Aníbal Chalá), some considered that the arbitration influenced on the result: although Pachuca won with a score of 2-1, the referee did not grant them a possible penalty in the first half.

In this way, They would have been prevented from tying the overall score, so they accused the red and black team of paying the referee, alleging that the whole match was Pachuca against the refereeing body.

Atlas’ shield accompanied by a stealing rat was the best way they found to mock the champion team.

All the Reactions of the Liga MX Final

And of course they did not forget about America, which was eliminated by Pachuca in the semifinals, there were even those who assured that the team were celebrating the title of Atlas, especially since both have the same archrival: Chivas de Guadalajara.

They took advantage of the bi-championship to mock Cristian Calderón, a current Chivas player but who for some time wore the red and black jersey, who said that they would never be champions. Let’s keep in mind that Atlas suffered a 70-year title drought and now has two in a row.

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