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Meet Juan Toscano-Anderson: the Mexican Who Participates in the 2022 NBA Finals

Juan Toscano - Finales de la NBA
Golden State Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson (95) in the second half of an NBA basketball game Monday, March 7, 2022, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Juan Toscano-Anderson is one of the stars of the Golden State Warriors this NBA season and is about to make history, as he will become the first Mexican to participate in the NBA Finals.

It is increasingly common to see Latinos participating in sports leagues in the United States, especially Mexicans, but it is not very common to see them succeed in the NBA. Juan Toscano is the Mexican player who has raised his hand this season to make history, as he has had great performances. His team, the Warriors, will be playing the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, starting this Thursday, June 2.

The famous Mexican comedian and undercover journalist Guillermo Rodríguez was there to interview the Warriors players as is customary for him in the NBA finals, and knowing the feat his countryman is about to accomplish,he handed Juan Toscano some sneakers with the Mexican flag on them, intending for him to wear them in his first NBA Finals game.

The basketball player thanked him for the gift, but unfortunately he will not be able to wear the personalized sneakers in the first game against the Celtics, or in any other.

Why? It’s rather simple. Toscano has a contract with Nike and cannot wear something from another brand: the sneakers that the journalist gave him are DC ones.

In the February Slam Dunk Contest where he placed second, Toscano wore Nike-brand sneakers that featured the Mexican flag, so chances are he can wear something special to the NBA Finals.

How much does Juan Toscano-Anderson make in the NBA?

After seeing him shine on the court, people have wondered what is the salary of the Mexican who could write his name in gold letters in the history of sports in Mexico if he manages to be NBA champion.

Juan Toscano-Anderson - NBA Finals

According to NBA data, the Aztec basketball player earns a lot of money. He currently has a deal for $1,701,593, but after receiving a one-year contract extension, the Mexican will earn $2,126,991.

The 29-year-compensation old’s may surprise us, but keep in mind that he joined the NBA in 2020, and while he has performed well enough to merit that pay, when compared to Stephen Curry’s, we can see that it’s not that much money, considering that the great player, who has already won three championships with the Warriors in 2015, 2017 and 2018, gets paid $45,789,966 every year.

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