Pique Is Accused of Cheating on Shakira: Memes and Reactions on Social Media

Shakira y Piqué Memes

Due to the soccer player’s cheating, which was exposed by the media, Shakira and Piqué may be on the verge of breaking up after almost 12 years of marriage. People on social networks have taken it with humor, despite the fact that during all this time they had been considered a perfect couple.

This 2022 is a World Cup year and that reminds us that Shakira and Piqué began their relationship prior to the World Cup in South Africa 2010. She composed the song“Waka Waka”for the tournament and the defender of the FC Barcelona participated in the recording of the video clip as a representative of the Spanish National Team, which ended up being crowned in the tournament.

Today, 12 years later, there is talk that Shakira and Piqué are going through a crisis and since not much is known about it, we are all intrigued. And on social media, people are also taking the opportunity to have fun making modern art: memes.


Shakira and Piqué’s couple was regarded as one of the strongest among celebrities because they always appeared happy and in love whenever they were photographed together, making it impossible to accept anything said about them. In this way, there are fans of the relationship, or of Shakira herself, who have expressed themselves in extremist ways.

Although some Shakira fans are sad or disappointed by the rumours, they also are happy in some way: they hope that the Colombian singer will produce songs similar to those from years ago, when lyrics and feeling dominated over today’s modern sounds.

After the rumor of the separation between the singer and the footballer began to spread, a video also appeared in which the actor Henry Cavill melts when he sees Shakira on a red carpet, which unleashed endless possibilities for fans of the Colombian singer.

Henry Cavill would take advantage of the crisis between Shakira and Piqué

Following the release of that video, various memes surfaced in which social media users dreamt of the actor who plays Superman and Shakira becoming a couple.

But it doesn’t end there, because it’s also been reported that Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, has started following the Colombian on Instagram. At this time, many would like to be Shakira despite the unpleasant part of this situation.

Everything has been so distorted that it is thought that Piqué’s lover was the mother of one of his teammates, promising 17-year-old midfielder Gavi. Comments and memes on social networks have spread like wildfire with these rumors and, as usual, no one has been spared.

Some say that, despite his many errors in defense for Barcelona, Gerard Piqué has now made the worst mistake of his life. Considerably the worst.

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