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Seattle Mariners Fan Gives Jesse Winker a Pizza in the Middle of MLB Game

Jesse Winker recibe pizza en pleno partido de MLB dentro de un Angelinos Marineros

Sunday was a rather curious day concerning the Seattle Mariners. The team got engaged in a fight against the Los Angeles Angels during the day in a game that ended in a 2-1 loss, but the action was not only on the field, but also on social media, after a gift from a fan ended in a memorable story that resonates to this day.

A user named “Sofie” (@sofieballgame on Twitter) who is a Seattle Mariners fan decided to give Jesse Winker a pizza after the fight between the two teams.

Due to the distance between the venue and the stadium, Sofie had to order a delivery, and a guy named Simranjeet took care of her order. Sofie told him about the pizza for the visiting clubhouse at Angel Stadium, specifically for Jesse Winker, and Simranjeet didn’t seem to have a problem with the request.

Simranjeet succeeded and arrived at Angel Stadium and delivered the pizza without a problem to the clubhouse. Sofie, when she heard that everything went as she wanted, wanted to give Simranjeet a nice tip for all the help. Not only that, but she shared Simranjeet’s QR so that anyone who wanted to tip him for a job well done could do so.

Many people from the Twitter community and the Seattle Mariners supported Simranjeet, who was left speechless by so much love, and even had a brief conversation with Sofie to thank her for what she did for him.

Even Jesse Winker himself wrote a message to Sofie thanking her for the pizza, and then Jesse supposedly commented that the pizza “was pretty good” and that he’ll order a new one next time he’s in Anaheim.

Sofie and Jesse Winker’s Story Did Not End There

While the story already seemed to have had a pretty good ending for everyone, Sofie continued to receive news regarding her action.

The official Seattle Mariners account offered Sofie an official Jesse Winker jersey from the team store.

Many Angels fans also appeared to be “burning” for what Sofie did, since she “bought a pizza for a millionaire” and emphasized that they ended up winning the game, to which Sofie responded that the Mariners still won the series and that it was not about the pizza, but that a person ended up receiving thousands of donations for a simple delivery.

What about Simranjeet? Well, during Monday, it was learned that he donated part of the proceeds to a charitable cause.

In addition, the Seattle Mariners wanted to commemorate history with a curious offer that was only available during Monday’s game: if you bought a Jesse Winker jersey or any jersey, you got a free pizza pin with your purchase.

Undoubtedly, this was a beautiful story generated thanks to baseball and many users on Twitter. And to think that it all came about because of a fight…

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