Top 10 Fun Betting Picks for the 2022 NBA Finals to Bet With Your Friends

Apuestas de las Finales NBA 2022
Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson shoots during NBA basketball practice in San Francisco, Tuesday, May 31, 2022. The Warriors are scheduled to host the Boston Celtics in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

The 2022 NBA Finals have already been defined: the teams of the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics will face in what is presumed to be a very close duel between the two best teams in each conference. This time, we’ll suggest some 2022 NBA Finals bets to place with your pals while they watch the finals in pursuit of a new league champion.

Fun bets to place with your friends during the 2022 NBA Finals

Will Draymond Green be ejected in the NBA Finals?

2022 nba finals betting draymond green

Odds: 2/1

These are the finals, and it’s time for Draymond Green to shine — in a good way and a bad way. We all know that the Golden State Warriors player tends to lose his mind from time to time and with the pressure that will be on the court, maybe this could be the case.

How about a bet on whether the player will be ejected in any of the games in the series? For a low fee of course, considering the possibilities…

Will a long-range shot be scored before the end of a quarter?

Odds: 10/1

This is very common in NBA games, since there is little to lose by taking a shot from half court when there is minimal time remaining on the clock. If this were to happen in a final, it would be incredible, and it would turn the fans upside down.

Will Drake make another bet in these NBA Finals?

Odds: 4/6

The Canadian rapper has already placed a $200,000 bet this season on the Golden State Warriors winning the NBA Western Conference. Now, why not bet on the Warriors winning the title? Or perhaps Drake could take into account these bets we’re writing about. If anyone knows him, feel free to show him this article.

However, Warriors fans may not take this too well, considering the “Drake’s Curse” he has with the bets he places, though he’s already proven himself a connoisseur so far.

Will there be any problem with the electricity in the stadium during any match?

Odds: 25/1

It would not be the first time. Let’s remember that in Game 1 of the NBA Finals in 2014 at the AT&T Center there were electrical problems that caused the air conditioning of the venue to fail, which coincidentally put the local team, the San Antonio Spurs, in an advantage. Then, LeBron James began to suffer from temperature cramps.

Will it happen again? Who would be affected this time?

Will Stephen Curry do his typical “shimmy”?

Odds: 2/3

Stephen Curry hasn’t had his best season in numbers, but he still managed to make a second-team All-NBA game this season.

However, this is his moment to shine and unleash those triple killers that only he knows how to do. Will he do his little celebration dance? If it happens, we hope he doesn’t regret it later for celebrating too soon.

Will anyone lose a 3-1 lead?

Odds: 50/1

If that’s the case, the Warriors will hope it doesn’t happen to them, as they were the last team to let such a lead slip during the NBA Finals in 2016, when they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Will there be any triple doubles in the series?

Odds: 3/1

Throughout the regular season, a Warriors player recorded a triple-double just three times (two for Curry, one for Green), while Celtics players accomplished that feat just as many times (two for Jaylen Brown , one of Robert Williams).

Will there be any players who have a career-defining night in this incredibly competitive environment?

Will Kevin Durant go to any of the games?

Odds: 5/2

Durant spent three years of his career with the Warriors, winning two NBA Finals in the process, and headed to Brooklyn in search of “new challenges.” He’s still waiting for those new challenges, as his new team has been nothing but disappointing so far.

Now with free time and nothing to do… will we see Durant visiting his old team? It’s definitely something to take into account, especially with the number of discussions that have formed about the relationship of Durant and his former teammates, especially with Draymond Green.

Will there be an injury that changes the series?

Odds: 4/1

In this postseason, injuries have been the order of the day, and especially in key players for the teams. The Mavs lost Luka Dončić, the Bucks were without Khris Middleton, Devin Booker missed a few games with the Suns, and so on.

Betting on the NBA Finals 2022

An injury in this series could mark a before and after in it. Let’s remember that the Warriors already lost Klay Thompson in the NBA finals in 2019, which would end up decanting the series in favor of the Raptors.

In the 2022 NBA Finals, what color of Gatorade will be distributed?

Betting on the NBA Finals 2022

Odds: 7/4 for the Blue Gatorade

As is Superbowl tradition, we decided to start the trend at the 2022 NBA Finals. Usually the most popular colors used in high-intensity competitions like this are usually orange and blue, however, red is a favorite choice among NBA players and can be the big surprise of this event.

Many people will question if they pay us to make these kinds of bets, and the answer is an emphatic yes. Thank you for giving us the opportunity for this. At JefeBet, we go with the blue Gatorade for victory.

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