The Best Plans to Celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day in San Diego 2022

Día de la independencia de México en San Diego 2022
Planes fly in formation as part of Mexico's annual Independence Day military parade, during Independence Day celebrations over the Zocalo in Mexico City, Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

Hispanic Heritage Month coincides with Mexican Independence Day in San Diego and for that reason, we have brought and selected the best events for you to celebrate this day with family, friends and all those who are willing to commemorate and enjoy this important date.

Events, Activities and Things to Do for Mexican Independence Day in San Diego 2022

Women in Aztec society: a talk at the San Diego bookstore

September 27

Mexican Independence Day in San Diego 2022 Events, activities and things to do

This lecture highlights the roles and daily life of Mesoamerican women and how they lived before the European conquest, particularly in the Valley of Mexico region before 1492. This is an informative lecture covering topics from birth to death: gender relations, marriage, childbirth and the vital roles that “Aztec” women played in society.

Mexican Independence Day Grito and Concert at La Casa de Mexico

September 16 from 4 to 6pm

Mexico's Independence Day in San Diego 2022

La Casa de México organized a free event to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with traditional presentations of Mexican music and dance. The event will feature Grupo Ella, Mariachi Estrellas de Chula Vista and La Fiestas Danzantes de San Diego will perform Ballet Folklórico.

El grito de México

September 17 at 5 pm

Mexico's Independence Day in San Diego 2022

A street party with Mexican food and music will be held at the Balcony of the Mexican Consulate General in San Diego, Pequeña Italia, in front of the Mexican Consulate. El Grito ceremony will take place between 7:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m.

Visit Barrio Logan

Barrio Logan is a Mexican-American neighborhood established by refugees in the early 20th century during the Mexican Revolution, and rooted in the civic movement. Barrio Logan is the center of a diverse arts district with galleries, boutiques, breweries and craft coffee shops. A vibrant culinary scene is also an important feature of the neighborhood.

Go to various Lowrider Car Shows

As we mentioned in a previous article, lowriders have been part of the Mexican culture in the United States for several decades.

In fact, both lowrider cars and lowrider owners are considered a very important subculture. JefeBet has selected the best Lowrider Car Shows in San Diego for you to schedule and visit them on Mexico’s Independence Day.

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