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5 Halloween Soccer Jerseys and Uniforms to Wear as Costumes 2022

camisetas y uniformes de fútbol para usar como disfraces de Halloween
Karim Benzema ganó el Balón de Oro 2022, por eso no puede faltar en esta lista de las camisetas y uniformes de fútbol para usar como disfraces de Halloween 2022. Créditos: @madridismo_global IG

Halloween weekend is approaching, and with it the desire to dress up to go to the best party of the year. You can get inspired by whatever you want, the more innovative the better. To help you out a bit with the costume theme, we have put together 5 Halloween soccer jerseys and uniform ideas to wear as costumes in 2022.

Soccer Jerseys and Uniforms to Wear as Halloween Costumes in 2022

Jorge Campos’ uniform has to be at the top of the list.

Jorge Campos captivated the soccer world, and especially Mexicans, with his great saves under the goal posts, as well as his extravagant way of dressing.

Always in a colorful and flashy outfit, Jorge went out onto the field with a great desire to perform well and with a great physical condition that allowed him to make acrobatic saves.

Something curious about Jorge Campos’ goalkeeper’s suits is that he made them himself. We all remember his colorful sweaters and shirts, they were such a success that the Adidas brand launched a line of garments in which the influence of Jorge Campos is evident.

If you want to stand out during this Halloween weekend, put on the colors of Jorge Campos and captivate the entire audience with one of the best soccer jerseys and uniforms to wear as Halloween 2022 costumes.

Dress up as a rude Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez

Mexico’s all-time leading scorer Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez was recently caught up in the eye of the storm because two actions that did not go well with soccer fans.

Chicharito refused to give an autograph to a boy who approached him eager to get that precious item. That was a bad call, Chicharito.

And if you thought Javier Hernandez’s affair ended there, let us tell you it didn’t, this player was also caught on camera throwing the Mexican flag to the ground. Show more respect, Chicharito.

To teach Javier Hernandez a lesson, and make him see how bad his behaviour was, we are going to dress up as the Devil Chicharito.

Use the jersey that Chicharito has worn with the Mexican national team, hang a sign around your neck that says “no autógrafos a mocosos fastidiosos” (I don’t give autographs to annoying brats), put on a pair of red pants and stick a tail on it.

You already look like the devil Chicharito who scares children.

Finally, don’t forget your trident but, unlike Chicharito, don’t use it to scare away children, but to hang a bag full of candy for the little ones in the house to enjoy.

Be sure to try on one of the best Halloween soccer jerseys and uniforms to wear as costumes 2022, this time we are talking about

El Pibe Valderrama’s, a mane and a jersey worth remembering.

A mane of hair that never went unnoticed, the “10” on his back, the genius and the rhythm he brought to his game, are characteristics that will always remind us of Pibe Valderrama as one of the best Colombian players of all time.

Carlos Valderrama was able to caught people’s attention as soon as he stepped on the field. First of all, it was because of his impressive hair with long and abundant yellow curls, but also because of his fine and elegant game, with precise passes and exquisite leading.

This gentleman was a true midfield genius and a reference for all Latin Americans, for these reasons we recommend that this Halloween weekend you wear a wig inspired by Valderrama’s hair and, of course, wear the glorious 10 jersey with which El Pibe played for his country’s national team.

Enjoy, dance and get soaked in all the flavor of Halloween parties dressed up as Pibe Valderrama.

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Conquer all the girls by dressing up as Neymar

Neymar, in addition to being one of the best players in the world today, has a reputation of being a casanova It is said that girls melt before his outgoing personality, his great physique and his wallet full of dollars.

So, if you want to win over a few girls this Halloween weekend, wear a Neymar jersey (either PSG or Brazil), temporarily dye your hair and get some tattoos that will fade as the days go by. This outfit will make you irresistible to girls.

Don’t think twice, with Neymar’s unique style you will win the love of more than one princess.

The 2022 Ballon d’Or winner’s jersey is a must-have this Halloween weekend.

Karim Benzema has just won the Ballon d’Or 2022, a well-deserved recognition for a player who has shone on a personal level, and who has helped his team win La Liga and the UEFA Champions League, scoring an impressive amount of 15 goals in Europe’s most important championship.

For these reasons, Karim Benzema’s white jersey has to be present during this Halloween weekend.

To look a little more like the best soccer player of 2022, remember to wear (if you already have one, all the better) a full beard that looks thick, bushy and compact like the Real Madrid striker’s does.

Keep in mind that the beard has made Benzema very popular among girls, to the point that some call him, Playboy.

Have some fun with Karim’s style during this Halloween weekend.

Which of these 5 soccer jerseys and uniforms to wear as Halloween 2022 costumes do you prefer? As the celebration stretches through the whole weekend, you can use more than one.

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