5 Hottest Hispanic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders | Which One Is Your Favorite?

Cheerleaders hispanas de los Dallas Cowboys - Lisa Mills
Las Cheerleaders hispanas de los Dallas Cowboys más calientes - Créditos @lisa_mills en IG

Dallas Cowboys games are some of the most watched games in the NFL, right? And you know it’s partly because of the cheerleaders who are super hot. What you may not know is which are the hottest Hispanic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who have passed through the team.

That’s why here at JefeBet we want to tell you who are the most beautiful Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders of Hispanic origin.

The Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders Who Have Made History by Being “Very Hot”

Hispanic beauty has been present in this historic group of cheerleaders who have caused a stir since their appearance more than 50 years ago in the NFL.

And this has been as much for their acrobatic and super-synchronized dances, as for their mini outfits, and the beauty of the girls in the cheerleading squad.

Here are the most beautiful Hispanic girls who have belonged to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

1. Selina Flores

This beautiful brunette was one of the Dallas Cowboys’ hottest and most talented Hispanic cheerleaders.

Just look how she looked in her cowgirl uniform:

Selina graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. #DCCOfTheWeek

Posted by Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Monday, February 5, 2018

Her sexy moves won the hearts and fantasies of many Dallas Cowboys fans who still dream of Selina.

But that was not all. After leaving the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, Selina has become the Director of the Texas State Strutters and has done amazing things with this group of girls, thanks to her talent and experience in these arts.

And he has created Forever Texas Dance to continue the training of young people who wish to follow this dream.

Do you still remember the beautiful Selina?

If Selina could have two celebrities be her parents, who would she want them to be? "Rachel McAdams and Hugh Jackman….

Posted by Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2. Ashton Torres

Ashton is an excellent representative of Hispanic beauty in the so-called “vaqueritas” of Dallas. Undoubtedly a body, a face and a smile that enchants.

Her moves cheering on the Dallas Cowboys team are remembered by fans of this NFL team, as well as many others who follow the Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders.

Ashton is currently married, and a loving and dedicated wife and mother to both her husband and daughter Taya.

And apparently “Tay”, as her Ashton affectionately calls her, wants to follow in mommy’s footsteps.

She owns @barmethodsouthlake, and she is an instructor at Harlen House of Dance, and also runs a podcast with Amanda Little called The Wildflower Podcast where

We will be sharing our stories, conversations and everyday lives as Christ followers, wives, moms, friends, and women in business.

Does Ashton still look like one of the hottest Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders these days?

See her here and judge for yourself:

3. Alanna Valdes

This beautiful girl is one of the hottest Hispanic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders of all time.

Her long hair, deep eyes and mischievous smile won over fans and non-fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

That great body, and the flawless moves she made in every performance made her stand out every time she went out on the field to cheer on the players, and the fans.

Alana is currently the owner and artistic director of the Uptown School of Dance where she trains in the art of dance.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that empowers our dancers with confidence, passion, and a love for learning.

Alanna is now happily married.

And enjoys life to the fullest.

We think she’s still one of the hottest Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders, don’t you?

4. Kristin Westbrook

Kristin is #4 on our list of the hottest Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders of all time.

Her long blond hair and big, beautiful eyes make her unforgettable to many Dallas Cowboys fans.

She is happily married and very close to her husband.

On her Instagram profile, she defines herself as a digital creator, and she’s doing pretty well with that.

And we at JefeBet think she’s still a hottie.

Do you also think she is one of the hottest Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders ever?

5. Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills represents us very well as one of the Hispanics who have played an impeccable role in the Dallas Cowgirls.

Her hair floating through the air as she made her super-coordinated, sexy moves and that perfect smile are in the memory of much of Dallas Cowboys fandom.

And they secured her a spot on our list of Dallas Cowboys Hispanic cheerleaders.

Lisa suffered a cervical injury that took her away from her cowgirl career, but she remains focused on her new life and recovery plan.

And she recently announced that she is the assistant director at Allen Americans Ice Angels (@allen_iceangels).

Check her out and tell us if this girl isn’t still a hottie:

Lisa is on fire!

Hispanic Heritage Month with Alanna, Kristin and Lisa of the Dallas Cowboys

We didn’t want to say goodbye to this article without leaving you this video in which 3 of the hottest Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders share their joy for celebrating Hispanic heritage Month.

Enjoy it!

Porristas Del Los Dallas Cowboys

We are thrilled and honored to be celebrating #HispanicHeritageMonth with DCC Alanna, Kristin and Lisa! Every day – and especially each Sunday – they feel privileged to represent the Hispanic culture and serve as an example to the younger generation that they too can achieve anything they put their hearts and mind towards! 💙#DCC2019 | #PorristasDelLosDallasCowboys

Posted by Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Friday, October 11, 2019

Tell us, which of the Dallas Cowboys Hispanic Cheerleaders do you think is the hottest?

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