Top 5 Mexican Shoe Brands You Should Know About in 2022

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It is not uncommon that when we think of sneakers, we do not necessarily think of Mexican, Colombian, Venezuelan or Latin shoe brands in general. We usually tend to think of big brands that are manufactured at the top, that are recognized worldwide, and that you must already have a pair of, such as Vans, Converse, Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Reebok, Puma, among others.

However, we could keep an eye on those emerging brands that are working hard to acquire knowledge and that are made in Latin America. On this occasion, we will focus on Mexico.

Top 5 Mexican shoe brands to watch out for in 2022

Best Mexican shoe brands 2022
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Here, we bring you the Mexican sneaker brands that you should know and consider supporting, as they have quality products and an outstanding style.


The name Panam is just an acronym that stands for Productos Auténticos Nacionales Mexicanos, to make it clear where they are from.

This brand was born many years ago, in 1962 in Naucalpan, in the State of Mexico, with the alliance of two families, the Perez and Melhem, who had creating a footwear company in mind. The company should include the typical B’s of good, nice and cheap (Bueno, Bonito y Barato, in Spanish) in their 100% Mexican sneakers.

On their journey to create these Mexican shoes, they have even collaborated with national artists such as Molotov, which helped them to become much more visible to the public. In short, they are a shoe brand that has given its all to leave its mark on the national economy.

Gremio Skate

It has only been on the market for a few years, as it was born in 2017. However, this brand of tennis shoes for skaters was founded by Feliz May Lozada, a skateboearder known as Polo May, who together with his brother Marco May Lozada, created this brand specially designed for skaters.

Little by little, this brand has been gaining ground and has gotten into the market throughout the Mexican Republic. One place you can get them is in the Chilango Skate store in CDMX. These slippers are made in León, Guanajuato. León has a good reputation regarding resistance, price and quality, so if it comes from León is guaranteed to be a good shoe.


They call themselves “the new generation of Mexican shoes”, since its foundation, its creator Jorge Enrique Garcia, has given everything to position their brand, and has been able to achieve it so far.

Since the beginning, the brand has tried to be competitive, both in the national and international market, as they have managed to produce shoes with a very good price, quality and good designs. This is one of the brands you can pay attention to from now on, because buying a shoe made by them means you will have acquired a good product.

Hey! Dog Shoes

Let’s start at the logo Hey! Dog is a little dog that is urinating, which is the starting point for the creativity of this brand. This fun, cool Mexican brand was born in 2010 with an emphasis on creating shoes for skateboarding and BMX. They gradually expanded to other branches.

Its origin can be attributed to the formation of a team of skaters and BMX riders from all over the country, from Monterrey to Yucatan, and thus expanding throughout Mexico. One of the best known places to get them is the Chilango Skare store in Tlatelololco. This is a brand you should keep an eye on.


You should this brand in your radar, especially because its differentiating factor is divided into two very striking and important parts. The first factor is that they are shoes made with ecologic materials, which is quite important nowadays, and the second one is that they are decorated by communities of Mexican artisans.

Part of the profits that this Mexican brand collects are destined to environmental causes and also, each of the designs have been inspired by Mexican regions or communities.

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