The 15 Hottest Latin Songs of 2022 So Far

Las canciones latinas más sexys de todos los tiempos | Top 10
Karol G performs at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on Sunday, April 24, 2022, in Indio, Calif. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Something we could do with Latin music is to choose the sexiest Latin songs of 2022, although we would fall short of any top, if something characterizes us Latinos according to stereotypes, which we have fed for good in this case, is our characteristic sensuality, which can be seen in the way we dance, dress or make music.

Music is an expression of all emotions and sensations, but there are also songs that are specifically designed to express the sensuality and passion that characterizes us so much. Besides, it is no secret that sex sells, and this is something that especially reggaetón has been able to take advantage of.

The Hottest Latin Songs of 2022 So Far in the Industry

The Sexiest Latin Songs of All Time | Top 15

We have made a top 15 of the sexiest Latin songs of 2022, these new songs that make anyone blush. Let’s get started!

15. Pantysito – Feid, Alejo & Robi

In recent years, the reggaetonero from Medellín, Colombia, has become a great reference of the genre and representative of Latin music, his lyrics have everything to do with sensuality, although some with spite, it must be said. This time Pantysito is directly focused on sensuality.

Baby, te ves bien
Con el panti Calvin Klein
Y hoy te lo quiero quitar
Dime qué tengo que hacer para hacerte mía
Para poder buscarte
Y decirte par de cosas, no puedo aguantarme, yeh

14. LOKERA – Rauw Alejandro, Lyanno, Brray

Rauw Alejandro has made his way into the Latin music scene with all the right tools. In this case, we have him at this top with his song LOKERA in collaboration with Lyano and Brray.

Toy puesto pa’ coger una nota cabrona
Explotar la cuenta y perrearme una culona
Despertar en otra cama que no sea la mía
Me importa un bicho mi ex, si es tremenda porquería, jaja
¿Pero qué carajo le pasa a este cabrón?

13. Somos Iguales – Ozuna y Tokischa

These two Puerto Rican singers have now become part of those Latin artists who are representing the Latin genres and culture that is permeating the whole world with these rhythms and lyrics full of sensuality.

Hoy ando en teteo como perra en calor
Luciendo mi tatuaje (ah) y mis diente’ de gold (yes)
Clava’o en ls pantys grasa del callejón (ah)
¿Cuál será el perro que se anota este gol? (guau, guau)

12. Tarot – Bad Bunny, Jhay Cortez

Talking about Latin music today is impossible without mentioning Bad Bunny. In this case in a song in collaboration with Jhay Cortez. The two of them have proven that whenever they work as a duo, they always come out with hits for life.

Baby, tú ere’ un mito, ese culito e’ un misterio
Tú loquita porque te cojan y yo que me coja’ en serio

11. Nos Comemos Vivos – Maluma, Chencho Corleone

Let’s start with the name of the song… No less was expected from two representatives of Latin music such as Maluma and Chencho Corleone. Maluma has become one of the most important reggaetoneros in the world, and his physical appearance makes many people drool, let’s say things as they are. And the legendary Chencho does not have a song in which he does not participate that is not a hit and does not have an important sexual charge.

Después de un drinki se pone nasty
Yo soy el dirty y ella mi Lassie (wuh)
Se pone güeri aunque no es Sissy
Y como Messi, meterle es bien fácil (wuh)

10. El Que Espera – Anitta, Maluma

The Colombian reggaetonero who has become famous worldwide in his collaboration with the beautiful Brazilian, Anitta, gave us a great song full of sensuality and passion that we can all enjoy.

Desde los tiempos disimula’o, el panty pa’l la’o
Yo tomando dos Corona’, bien arrebata’o

9. MAMIII – Becky G, Karol G

“La Bichota” and Becky G took it out of the stadium, joining forces to release MAMIII, a song that talks about toxic relationships and the vindication of women as independent and powerful beings, and in the video the two women leave everyone speechless.

Ow, repítelo, mami
(Que a veces no te cambian por algo mejor
Y ni siquiera por algo más rico)

8. Mojando Asientos – Maluma, Feid

Two reggaeton tough guys giving it all in a song full of sensuality, libidinous experiences very typical of reggaeton, to tell the truth.

Y me dijeron que estás soltera
Quiero bajarte esa bellaquera
Yo sé que tengo chavo’ en la cartera
Pero quiero parchar contigo en el Lleras

7. Envolver – Anitta

The beautiful Anitta is repeated in this top as many times as necessary because besides of being one of the representatives of Latin music, she is a beautiful woman who always brings out her sensuality card whenever she can.

Dime cómo hacemos
Si tú me desea’ y yo a ti también
Hace rato te quiero comer
Di qué vas a hacer

6. Provenza – Karol G

This is perhaps one of the signature songs of summers around the world, and not just literally. Provenza became one of the anthems of the urban genre for this year and has given even more positioning to “La Bichota.” The song talks about those loves that had ended, but tend to relapse.

Papi, nos perdemo, nos parqueamo y lo prendemo
Pa la seca algo bebemo, y cuando nos emborrachemo
Una de reguetón ponemo
Y nos vamo a donde nos podamos querer
Nos podamos comer (eh-ah)

5. Tendencia Global – Blessd, Myke Towers, Ovy On The Drums

Blessd has established himself in the last two years as another one of the hardliners of reggaeton and Latin music today, he reaches this top with Tendencia Global, with lyrics about reconquering and a quite soft and sensual melody.

Sus ojos irradian la sensualidad
Su boca me dice que me quiere besar (jaja)
Su mirada me tienta a volverla a tocar
Su’ mano’ me leen, no me puedo aguantar
Pa’ tu sexo estoy listo, las otras en visto
Si la pierdo conquisto, no la puedo dejar
La única que de la calle me pudo sacar
Con su’ bueno’ beso’ borró to’ ese mal
Y de ese culo soy fan, esto es tendencia global

4. Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny, Chencho Corleone

Bad Bunny returns to the top, this time accompanied by Chencho Corleone, with the song Me Porto Bonito from the latest studio album of Bad Bunny and as expected, it is an apology to sensuality, coquetry and pleasure.

Y subo un selfie pa’ que vean
Lo rica que tú está’, que tú está’
Las otras tienen que apretar
En la calle ando suelto
Pero por ti me quito
Si tú me lo pide’
Yo me porto bonito

3. Feid – Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxoo

This is one of the latest hits of the Colombian reggaetonero and has also managed to position itself globally, becoming an almost viral song, that talks about how you can get to want a person who already has someone else.

Tú y yo, bebé, haciendo de todo
Tú estás pa’ andar con este gato, no con ese pirobo
Tú estás solita y yo también, también estoy solo
Tómate algo, vamos a perrear, a hacer de todo

2. Efecto – Bad Bunny

We just need to open TikTok to start playing the bad rabbit song that has positioned itself in the market as one of the songs of the last album that has hit the most and that we all want to dedicate to that person who brings us carried away.

Baby, la nota ya está haciendo efecto
Mi mundo está jodío y me siento perfecto
Porque estás tú aquí, moviéndote así, no pare’
Baby, tú eres mi droga, esta noche no le baje’

1. Gatúbela – Karol G, Maldy

Let’s finish the top with “La Bichota” in the number 1 position. Not only because she is the most important Latin female artist of the moment, but also because she is a mamacita that has more than one in love with her beauty.

Recently, “La Bichota” released a song with Maldy, from Plan B, in which she calls herself Gatúbela and talks openly about sexuality and sexual desire, being almost a dominatrix who doesn’t see the problem in being dominated.

Ay, qué rico
Cuando me pone el panty de ladito
Ay, qué rico
Ese besito dámelo bajito
Ay, bendito
En cuatro yo te pongo rapidito
Mmm, bendito
No me comas tan rico, papacito

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