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The Hottest Fans So Far Part II | Qatar 2022

Los fans más sexys de Qatar 2022 | Parte #2

After our first edition was a total success, this time we bring you the second part of the 5 hottest Qatar 2022 fans so far. They are women who have attracted the eyes of many people for their beauty and charisma inside the stadium and thus become famous – if not already.

Here at JefeBet we will tell you about these hot fans, a little bit about who they are and what country they are cheering for in this World Cup. Don’t wait any longer and read all about it right away.

Hottest Fans of Qatar 2022 | Part #2


To begin with, we have an Argentine singer-songwriter named Melisia. She is known for her music, but also for her great looks and for representing her country at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Since the start of the tournament, she has been seen inside the stadiums cheering on the players and on her social networks she has posted the places she has visited and how much she wants her country to take the cup home.

In addition, her musical career goes back many years, as she has been dedicated to advancing her career and making herself known throughout the world for more than a decade. Thus, she has truly become a relevant public figure.

Renata Heilborn

The hottest fans of Qatar 2022 | Part #2
Photo credit: Instagram @reheilborn

Renata Heilborn is a Brazilian sports journalist based in Paris, France, who traveled to Qatar to experience the best of soccer. Her blonde hair and light eyes, along with her rather dark complexion make her face stand out and captivate those who look at her. Her smile, on the other hand, is very sweet, so it makes a great match with her other features.

She is part of the television and news network Sport TV, where she works as a journalist. She even recently caught up with Ronaldo for an interview to talk about Brazil’s path to Qatar 2022.

Grace Teal

On the other hand, we have Grace Teal, an English model, businesswoman, presenter and TV show hostess who has gained many followers thanks to her great body. She leads long-term vehicle lending companies such as vans and Range Rovers. Her face shape is similar to Kim Kardashian’s, as are many of her hairstyles.

However, her beauty is not her only attribute, she also takes great pride in being a mother and shows off her son Oscar from time to time. She is undoubtedly one of England’s biggest fans and is a fervent supporter of her national team for this World Cup.

Agustina Gandolfo

Of course, this list could not miss Agustina Gandolfo, the Argentine entrepreneur who is partnered with striker Lautaro Martínez. She owns the restaurant Coraje, located in Milán. Additionally, she is focused on being a mother and enriching her career in the world of food and catering.

His daughter Nina is one of her greatest pride and she constantly shows her attending the stadium with her to support her father Martínez. She is obviously a big fan of the Argentine national team and one of the most beautiful and sexy.

Priscila Beatrice

Finally, we have the Brazilian Priscila Beatrice. She is a model and content creator who is immersed in the world of beauty and fashion. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, she bears an incredible resemblance to Rihanna, which has given her stratospheric fame. She even calls herself a doppelganger of this artist.

She is mainly dedicated to making tutorials on different types of makeup and to participate in different catwalks to which she is invited. She is especially a big fan of the Brazilian national team and has been seen at the stadium supporting her representatives.

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