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If Latin telenovelas are your thing, then this JefeBet article is just for you. When it comes to producing these visual masterpieces of love, dramma, and treason, LATAM countries like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia really know best. Over the years, telenovelas have been gaining momentum worldwide and are becoming more and more popular, even those that came out decades ago. So, on this occasion, we show you which are the best and funniest telenovela moments of all time. You can’t miss them!

Latin telenovelas are famous for showing an essential aspect of the country and their respective cultures

Almost always, telenovelas tell stories filled with drama, love, treason, ambition, family, good and evil, etc. There is always some inheritance involved in the plot, plus the ambitious brother or sister who wants it all for him/herself. What about the daughter of the mistress? And the cleaning lady who falls in love with her “jefecito”? What happens to the family business?

These are the most popular and almost essential themes for a good Latin telenovela to thrive in the industry; and, nowadays, these topics are coupled with a comedic side that makes them a real audiovisual jewel.

Keep reading till the end to find out which we consider to be the funniest telenovela moments.

Yo Soy Betty, La Fea: The Funniest Telenovela of All Time

This Colombian telenovela is the most legendary of them all: the story of the iconic Beatriz Pinzón, Armando, Marcela (Marce), Patricia Fernández, Hugo Lombardi, Nicolás Mora, and others. All these amazing characters put on a show from Ecomoda, a famous clothing manufacturing company where the ugly but intelligent Betty undergoes life-changing experiences.

With each episode, this show has always made us laugh, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and funniest moments that will have you in stitches as soon as you watch them.

So extreme was the popularity of this iconic telenovela that it has been broadcasted in 180 countries, translated into 25 languages, and adapted at least in 28 different countries. What’s even more, it has been internationally recognized as the most famous Latin American telenovela in history.

From Drama to Comedy, That’s the Essence of Mi Gorda Bella (My Sweet Fat Valentina)

This Venezuelan production tells the story of Valentina Villanueva, a very sweet and charismatic young woman who has overweight problems, who has made us laugh, cry, and rethink about everyday situations and the different nuances of life that came up on her way.

Everyone that watched this telenovela got to spend their days with Valentina Villanueva, Orestes Villanueva, La Chiqui Lorez, Joel, Tza-Tzá “Sasa”, and others.

My Sweet Fat Valentina or Mi Gorda Bella, whichever name you know it by, was considered the best of Venezuelan telenovelas as it was a real success, airing in Mexico, India, and Malaysia.

Pedro el Escamoso Has Really Understood the Assignment

Pedro el Escamoso’s quips and antics are what the audience loved the most about this Colombian telenovela. Among the most emblematic moments are his hilarious dance moves, most precisely the ones known as “Pirulin Pin Pon”.

Starred by Miguel Varoni (Pedro el Escamoso) and by Sandra Reyes (Dra. Paula), this telenovela depicts the exhilarating story of some kind of poor and hilarious fuckboy, let’s say.

Contrary to what everybody would expect at the time the telenovela was first broadcasted, he was an atypical womanizer: he wasn’t handsome, nor rich, much less had anything to his name, but he captivated the audiences anyway with his charming personality, his dance moves, and his understanding of life.

We hope you have a great time watching the best moments of this top-notch telenovela:

Rebelde (Rebel): The Telenovela Every Teen Was Watching in 2000

Rebelde or Rebel tells the story of how a group of low-income young people gain admission to a prestigious international school attended by the children of society’s upper crust. However, due to social class differences, teenagers find it difficult to come of age peacefully within this educational institution.

This setting gives rise to a number of adolescent-centric stories where friendship, romance, pranks, and good humor are recurring themes.

The following are the best moments of this Mexican telenovela.

If you are between 25 and 40 years old, you will surely consider Rebelde one of the best teen telenovelas in history.

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Betty La Fea’s Best Bloopers | You Can’t Miss Them!

Due to the great success of Yo soy Betty la Fea, we wanted to show you the best bloopers of this remarkably iconic telenovela, as well as the many funny scenes that Don Armando and Patricia gave us. You are going to love them!

We also want you to enjoy Patricia Fernández’s funniest moments, as she is one of the most famous characters in this amazing show.

So, which funny telenovela moment did you like and enjoy the most?

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