Female Athletes Who Would Make a Fortune if They Were on Onlyfans

Mujeres deportistas que robarían suspiros en OnlyFans

In addition to having the skills to practice a discipline, sportswomen are also sensual and beautiful. Some look as if they were not from this world and if they needed extra income, an OnlyFans account would not be a bad idea for them at all.

Currently, there are several celebrities, including athletes, who have decided to open their OnlyFans to gain money by selling adult content, and they are not doing badly in any way. For this reason, at JefeBet we made a list of sportswomen who would steal many hearts and subscriptions if they reached the platform.

Athlete Women Who Could Easily Have an Onlyfans Account

1.- Ellen Hoog – Dutch Hockey Player

The Dutch has dazzled hockey lovers with her beauty, her blonde hair and her blue eyes. Obviously, her professional success is not far behind, as she is considered one of the best players in the history of her generation after winning two Olympic gold medals (2008 and 2012) and many other honors.

Currently, she is dedicated to her family, and she does not usually publish compromising content, but without a doubt, if she decided to open her OnlyFans account, there would surely be a demand due to her privileged physique.

2.- Eugine Bouchard – Canadian Tennis Player

Being the first Canadian in history to be ranked among the top five tennis players in the world according to the WTA ranking (and in general, since no Canadian male tennis player has achieved it in the ATP), at 28 years old she could easily position herself as number one among all her fans thanks to his natural beauty.

The Canadian has dared to do hot photo sessions on several occasions, impressing all fans, since the sportswear she wears on the courts does not reveal the tennis player’s curves. If she ever considered the opportunity to have an OnlyFans, the last thing she will be in need of is fans.

3.- Alex Morgan – American Soccer Player

One of the female athletes featured here is American soccer player Alex Morgan, who has become an icon of the sport, inspiring thousands of girls and teenagers to take up soccer.

But in addition to being considered by the public as one of the best soccer players, she is also frequently mentioned as one of the most beautiful female athletes on the planet. Morgan has been a model on several occasions and has posed in a bikini for some magazines, if she wanted to delve a little deeper into the world of sensuality, she could have another completely successful career outside of sports.

4.- Ana Ivanović – Former Serbian Tennis Player

The former tennis player of Serbian origin stole hearts during her professional stage. In addition to giving good performances on the tennis courts, her beauty stood out among the rest of the competitors. In the past, she did a venturesome photo shoot with a magazine from her country. If she decided to charge for that material now, her bank account would surely increase by several zeros.

5.- Ronda Rousey – American Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Ronda went from the UFC to WWE, and in both places she had a great performance. Blows are her thing, there is no doubt. But she could also knock out more than one if she chose to have an OnlyFans account, as the beautiful American stole more than a sigh on the occasions when she showed a little more than she showed when fighting in the octagon.

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