Betting Odds That the Mexican Guy in Every Movie is this Guy

Mexican Guy in Every Movie Film

Have you ever sat around with your amigos discussing movies and struggled to recall the name of the actor that seems to be in a disproportionate number of them? All you can do at the point is narrow your query to its most rudimentary form. So when attempting to recollect one particular latino thespian the uttered phrase is always, “You know….the Mexican guy in every movie“.

It’s the most widely Googled expression of its kind, and for good reason. Compared to their peers, there is a troupe of Latino-american character actors who appear in a lopsided number of films.

While we could simply answer your question by naming the actor you’re probably thinking of, what fun would that be? As the USA’s biggest betting resource for the Hispanic-american community there’s only one thing to do – offer Vegas odds on the matter.

Top 5 Vegas Odds that the Latino Actor in the Next Movie or Series You Watch is this Guy


Noel Gugliemi | Odds: EVEN

Mexican Guy in Every Movie Film
image: Warner Bros

If you want to wager a sure thing. then it’s this actor. Noel Gugliemi is unequivocally the Mexican guy in every movie that you don’t know the name of. And if you want to parlay that bet you can pick the name of his character. Gugliemi has played “Hector” at least a dozen times (including in the Fast & Furious franchise) although the true number isn’t known because it’s an ongoing prank for people to update his WikiPedia page so that all of his roles bear that monicker.

While Hollywood producers have pigeonholed the talented actor to portray a stereotypical SoCal gang member, he has used it to his advantage, accumulating more than 150 screen credits (and big bank) over a 25-year career. He has also dropped some iconic one-liners, none more memorable than as Moreno in Training Day (circa 2001):

”Hey pig, you ever had your sh*t pushed in?”

Luis Guzmán | Odds: 4/6

Guzman is a Puerto Rican that is often mistaken as Mexican (it happens, a lot) but is most definitely recognized for his massive filmography of 161 films and counting. His characters are memorable to say the least. From lovable “Gabato” in Journey to the Center of the Earth to ruthless henchman “Pachanga” in Carlito’s Way, Guzman steals every scene he is in, even if you can’t remember his name.

Mexican Guy in Every Movie Film
image: Warner Bros

Yes Luis, you’re in this movie too…

Danny Trejo | Odds: 5/1

Mexican Guy in Every Movie Film

Admittedly, Danny Trejo has become a household name, but for decades he most certainly wore the crown as the Mexican guy in every movie. Trejo has accumulated a mind-blowing filmography of over 250 movie and television roles. He is also a successful businessman and every day hero, saving women and children from automobile accidents on the streets of LA. Moreover, the actor could have been a champion in a number of professional sports.


Michael Peña | Odds: 12/1

Mexican Guy in Every Movie Film
image: Walt Disney Picture

Michael Peña may have been considered to be one of the favorites as the Mexican guy in every flick, but after hitting blockbuster status in Marvel / Disney’s The Ant Man in 2015 he has become more selective in his roles. While he has traded quantity for quality, he boasts 92 film credits. That fact makes his one of the most recognizable latino faces on the big screen, despite fans not knowing his nombre.


Robert LaSardo | Odds: 20/1

Mexican Guy in Every Movie Film
image: imdb

Looking at the heavily tattooed Robert LaSardo, you may assume that he was discovered in the barrio to be an extra before nabbing reoccurring roles as a street thug. Nope. As a teen, LaSardo studied at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, before transitioning to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. He also served his country for four years in the U.S. Navy. Despite his impressive pedigree, he has been typecast to be a top-tiered member of the fierce Mara Salvatrucha (MS13s) or nameless leader of some other Latino gang.

Now prepare to have your mind blown. The Mexican guy in every movie in this instance, isn’t
even hispanic. LaSardo is Italian American and Native American. Drop that anecdote on your
crew the next time you’re debating who’s who among latino actors.

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