The 5 Best Mexican Craft Beers to Enjoy Any Sporting Event This Summer

Cervezas artesanales mexicanas - eventos deportivos en el verano
FILE - In this Oct. 1, 2018, photo, a customer looks over the beer selection at Crest Foods in Oklahoma City. In an effort to give smaller breweries a better chance at competing, the Treasury Department this month issued a report full of ideas on how to create a more competitive beer, wine and liquor market. It enlisted the help of state and federal law enforcement agencies for ideas on how to level the playing field. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

Summer is getting closer and closer, and temperatures are getting higher and higher. Several Mexican craft beers are on the market and have a variety of unique styles and flavors to enjoy, and that is exactly what we are here to remind you of today.

At this time of the year we look for something to refresh ourselves, water could be the main option, but pampering ourselves is always a good plan. And that is when we think of enjoying a good beer, especially if we are going to share it with friends or just to watch our favorite sport on TV.

We took on the task of making a list of the 5 best Mexican craft beers that can be a good company to watch sports this summer.

The 5 best Mexican Craft Beers

1.- Minerva – Stout

Being a stout, one might think that it is only to be enjoyed in cold weather. However, tastes break genres, and we decided to include this Tapatía beer in the list of the best Mexican craft beers for its intense flavor. A soccer game with this beer keeping company will be the best combination.

2.- Rámuri – Lágrimas Negras

The Rámuri Brewery in Tijuana is celebrating after its product “Lágrimas Negras” was awarded at the World Beer Cup, something like the beer Olympics. And well, if it has already won an award, it must be for a great reason, right? This is an oatmeal stout beer with a touch of chocolate. I assure you that if your favorite team loses, you will still have a good taste in your mouth at the end of the day.

3.- Corazón de Malta – English Pale Ale

Corazón de Malta is a Jalisco brewery that is making a wide variety of products worth trying. However, we add to this list of Mexican craft beers their English Pale Ale. If you like bitter but light beer, this may be your option.

4.- Principia – American Wheat Ale

Cervecería Principia de Monterrey has an American Wheat Ale, and was recently awarded a silver medal at the World Beer Cup. It is made from wheat, and it has a hint of citrus. It’s golden in color and mild and delicious in flavor to enjoy on hot days while watching your favorite sport.

5.- El Gardenia – La Pálida

Cervecería El Gardenia de Chihuahua has a beer that could be your ally on days when nothing worked out for sports. It is strong, it has 8.2% alcohol graduation and an unbeatable flavor. The English Barleywine style will get to your senses.

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