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Chile Professional Basketball | Everything You Need to Know

Baloncesto profesional de Chile | Todo lo que necesitas saber
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Basketball is one of the most important sports in the world, and in Latin America this is no exception. Soccer may often get all the attention, but basketball is also a crowd pleaser sport, in part because of all the NBA magic, and also because of the appeal of local competitions.

With that in mind, at JefeBet we decided to analyze in detail everything that happens with Chile professional basketball, and share with you through this report everything you need to know about one of the youngest leagues in the sport.

All You Need to Know About Chile Professional Basketball

Professional basketball in Chile | All you need to know

Which is the Chilean basketball league?

In Chile, it is the National Basketball League, better known by the acronym LNB. It is organized by the Chilean Basketball Federation, and it was created in 2008 to replace the Dimayor, that it was formed by three divisions: Liga A, Liga B and Liga C.

However, due to organizational and scheduling problems, these leagues were intermittent until 2010, then Liga B was renamed Liga Nacional de Básquetbol (Basketball National League), and since then it became the main category of the competition.

Under that, Chilean basketball has Liga Uno and Liga Dos, or in other words, the first and second divisions, respectively.

We are talking about a league structure that is very young. Currently, League One consists of 13 teams that compete from January through October in two phases: regular season and playoffs. As of 2022, the division by Conferences will cease to exist, so the game will be played in a “round robin” format.

At the end of the regular season, the top eight will advance to the playoffs to compete from the quarterfinals to become the season champion.

Liga Uno Chile 2022 Teams

  • Colegio Los Leones.
  • UC Basketball.
  • Municipal Puente Alto.
  • Tinguiririca SF.
  • Municipal Español de Talca.
  • UDEC.
  • AB Temuco UFRO.
  • CD Las Ánimas.
  • CD Valdivia.
  • Atlético Puerto Varas.
  • CEB Puerto Montt.
  • Deportes Castro.
  • ABA Ancud.

Who is the last champion of the Chile’s National Basketball League?

Universidad de Concepción is Chile’s National Basketball Champion, who defeated Colegio Los Leones in the final. The final, a best-of-seven game, ended 4-2 for El Campanil, which also revalidated the 2021 title to become the club with the most titles in Chilean basketball: six titles, defeating Universidad Católica by one.

Copa Chile

Professional basketball in Chile | All you need to know

However, the competition that kicks off each season is the Copa Chile, a competition in which 30 teams from Liga Uno and Liga Dos of LNB Chile compete.

The format consists of six zones with five teams each, leaving a total of 120 matches in 10 weeks of play. Each team plays eight games and the top teams in each group qualify for the playoffs.

The best team of three games advances to the next playoff phase, until they reach the games for third and fourth place and then, the long-awaited final.

Copa Chile 2022 is currently under development. It started on September 24 (after the end of the 2022 Liga Uno season) and will end on December 17. Below are the teams of the 2022 edition:

Copa Chile 2022 Teams


  • Colegio Los Leones
  • Municipal Puente Alto
  • Stadio Italiano
  • Boston College
  • Brisas


  • Basket UC
  • Arab Valparaiso
  • Sportiva Italiana
  • Luis Matte Larraín
  • Sergio Ceppi


  • Tinguiririca SF
  • Santiago Morning Quilicura
  • Manquehue
  • Tomás Lawrence
  • Liceo de Curicó


  • Municipal Español de Talca
  • UdeC
  • Alemán de Concepción
  • Municipal Chillán
  • Truenos de Talca


  • CD Las Ánimas
  • CD Valdivia
  • AB Temuco UFRO
  • Liceo Pablo Neruda
  • Español de Osorno


  • ABA Ancud
  • Deportes Castro
  • CEB Puerto Montt
  • Atlético Puerto Varas
  • Deportivo Osorno
Professional basketball in Chile | All you need to know

Now you have everything you need to know about Chile professional basketball. We invite you to follow our basketball news section to keep up to date with the latest news.

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