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Christmas Day NBA Games Schedule – All the games of the holiday season 2022

Apuestas NBA para realizar durante la Navidad
Milwaukee Bucks mascot Bango, dressed in a festive costume, prepares to throw t-shirts to the crowd during a break in play in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Boston Celtics Saturday, Dec. 25, 2021, in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Bucks won 117-113. (AP Photo/Jon Durr)

December 25 is a day when many people gather with their families to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and take a break from their usual activities, however, that is not the case for the NBA.The NBA offers us every year a full day of almost 12 uninterrupted hours of the best basketball in the world.

A total of ten teams are the protagonists of this event, marked on the calendar by basketball lovers and NBA betting since the beginning of the season. It presents five games, one after the other, and here at JefeBet we bring you everything you need to know so that you are fully prepared to receive this date with your loved ones.

An NBA Betting Tradition on December 25th

Before reviewing the games we will have this year, it is important to know a little about the beginnings of a historic tradition in the NBA. It first edition took place in 1947, when six of the eight teams that made up the league at that time met to also bring excitement onto the courts on that special day.

The only team of those six that still survives to this day and age is the New York Knicks, who hold the record for most games played on December 25 with a total of 54, including last season’s 87-101 win over the Atlanta Hawks. Other teams accustomed to seeing action on these dates are the Los Angeles Lakers (47 times), the Boston Celtics (34 times), Detroit Pistons (32 times) and the Philadelphia 76ers (32).

This long day has also become a tradition in NBA fans’ homes, who gather with their families to support their favorite team, or even watch each of the games, something that has been done since the first televised Christmas game, a Los Angeles Lakers and San Diego Rockets in 1967.

NBA bets to place during the Christmas season

Matches on December 25, 2022

There are five games in total that will be played throughout the day on NBA Christmas Day, and below we will present each one of them, with their respective start times so you don’t miss any details:

1-. Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicks – 12:00 PM ET

The Philadelphia 76ers will open the NBA Christmas Day in what will be their first game on this date since 2019, when they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 109-121. Repeating that result would be welcomed by a 76ers team that has not had an easy campaign, dealing with constant injuries to key players, and barely making up any ground in recent weeks.

They will be facing the New York Knicks, the team that has played the most Christmas games, and although their main players have maintained themselves healthy, they have not been able to perform as well as expected, but they have also been able to show a better version of themselves in the last few weeks.

[Previa completa de 76ers vs Knicks en la jornada del 25 de diciembre 2022 de la NBA próximamente]

2-. Los Angeles Lakers vs Dallas Mavericks – 2:30 PM ET

NBA betting odds for Christmas games 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled to find their winning ways this season, but they have managed to do so thanks to an inspired Anthony Davis who has changed the face of the team since late November. The Lakers are a recurring participant in the holiday season games, having not missed an edition since 2010, however, their performance has not been the best, losing 9 of those 13 games, including a 122-115 loss to the Nets last year.

The Dallas Mavericks also failed to win last season’s edition, falling 116-120 to the Utah Jazz.However, now that they will be at home, they will be confident of changing that win, given that it is at home that they have been at their best this campaign, in contrast to their disappointing performance on the road.

[Previa completa de Lakers vs Mavericks en la jornada del 25 de diciembre 2022 de la NBA próximamente]

3-. Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics – 5:00 PM ET

NBA betting odds for Christmas games 2022

The Milwaukee Bucks will be present at NBA Christmas Day for the fifth consecutive year.They will be looking to continue with the same luck they have had so far, since they have won in three of those four previous presentations, including last season’s, a victory that curiously came against the opponent they will face this year.

Trying to avoid that, will be the Boston Celtics, who will also be looking for revenge after that 113-117 loss suffered last campaign, when they reached the last quarter on top, but could not maintain the difference by losing that part 19-27. This will also serve as the 35th game on this date for a Celtics team that has had a phenomenal campaign and surely only has winning the NBA title on its mind.

[Previa completa de Bucks vs Celtics en la jornada del 25 de diciembre 2022 de la NBA próximamente]

4-. Memphis Grizzlies vs Golden State Warriors – 8:00 PM ET

NBA betting odds for Christmas games 2022

The Memphis Grizzlies have been one of the most impressive teams in the recent campaign, with young star Ja Morant stepping up as one of the best players in the league and leading his team to prominence in a wild Western Conference, all of which has been rewarded by receiving the call to participate in thisChristmas event for the first time in its history, something that their fans will really enjoy.

On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors are a team accustomed to playing on this date, having played in each of the eight previous editions.However, although they defeated the Phoenix Suns 116-107 last campaign, it has not been all joy for the Warriors on December 25, as they have posted a 4-4 record over their last eight games. However, the level they have shown at home, and the fact that three of those victories have been achieved in that condition, leaves them in a very good position for this entertaining day of games.

[Previa completa de Grizzlies vs Warriors en la jornada del 25 de diciembre 2022 de la NBA próximamente]

5-. Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets – 10:30 PM ET

The last game of the night will be played by the Phoenix Suns, who have had a rather complicated campaign, not so much from the point of view of results, but because of the treatment they have received from other teams. But at least they’ll be looking for a little distraction as they face their second consecutive game on December 25, where they’ll also want revenge after losing to the Warriors last year.

The Denver Nuggets have also had some ups and downs this season, but now they will try to focus on winning what will be their fourth NBA Christmas Day appearance in a row, something they failed to do in the previous three despite playing at home in two of those. Their opponent not being the Los Angeles Clippers might help a bit in that mission, given that they were defeated by them in the last two years.

[Previa completa de Suns vs Nuggets en la jornada del 25 de diciembre 2022 de la NBA próximamente]

Undoubtedly this traditional day of the NBA is something that lovers of the best basketball in the world can not miss, and as in previous seasons, this edition promises to deliver very entertaining and intense games.

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