Club América Goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez, Arrested During His Vacation in Morocco

Oscar Jimenez América detención Marruecos

During their holiday in Morocco, Oscar Jiménez and his wife, television host Mariana Echeverra, had an uncomfortable incident.

The Club América goalkeeper and his wife took advantage of the break that the player had after the elimination of his team in the semifinals of Liga MX to travel to the African city, but they did not anticipate to have the scare of their lives.

Óscar Jiménez and Mariana Echeverría were detained by an officer for speeding through Morocco. Mariana Echeverra captured the moment the officer approached them with the receipt for the fine they had to pay for exceeding the speed limit by 80 kilometers per hour. The video was uploaded to her social networks and it quickly went viral.

Echeverría first said that they bribed the Moroccan Police officer, but later she corrected herself and clarified that they paid the fine for the violation of traffic regulations.

“The police stopped us for going 80 km per hour on the highway. In the video I say ‘he wants his bribe’ but in reality we paid the fine; a Muslim would never accept a bribe.”

According to the receipt shown by the host of the program “Me Caigo de Risa”, the goalkeeper of América paid 300 dirhams, which in Mexico would be just over $600 Mexican pesos and in the United States approximately $30 dollars.

Despite the incident, the couple seems to be enjoying these mini-vacations. Both Mariana Echeverría and Óscar Jiménez have been publishing images of their trip where they seem happy.

When does Óscar Jiménez return from his vacation?

Oscar Jimenez - Club America

Although he is the substitute goalkeeper at Club América, Jiménez must report to the Coapa facilities on June 6, like the rest of his teammates.

The team led by the Argentine Fernando Ortíz will begin its preseason on that date for the 2022 Apertura, which will start on July 1, since as it is a World Cup year, the players called up to their National teams must be available at the beginning of November.

America will open the next tournament as a local at the Azteca Stadium, welcoming the two-time Liga MX champion, Atlas, on Saturday, July 2.

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