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2022 NFL Week 16 Predictions, Odds and Betting Previews

Fans cheer in Arrowhead Stadium before an NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Week 15 of the 2022 season has gone by, and now we’re heading into NFL Week 16 which means that the season is entering its final stretch. As usual, JefeBet brings you the best predictions for this new NFL week for all games that will be played throughout the following days.

A total of 16 games will be played between December 22 and 26, taking into account that the rest days for the teams are over. Without further ado, here are our predictions for this new week of National Football League action.

All odds shown are courtesy of BetMGM.

Predictions, Odds and Betting Previews for All 2022 NFL Week 16 Games

Jacksonville Jaguars (-110) vs New York Jets (-110) / Thursday, December 22 / 8:15 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Jaguars Spread: +1.0.
  • Jets Spread: -1.0.
  • Over/Under: 38.5.

Next Thursday’s Thursday Night Football will kick off Week 16 of the NFL as the Jaguars and Jets battle it out to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Jacksonville has won two games in a row and four of its last six games to move to 6-8. This good streak has them just one game behind the Titans in the lead of the AFC South, and in the last week of action they’ll host Tennessee at home, whom they already beat on the road a couple of weeks ago.

The key to this good moment has been their good offense, which has scored 40 points against the powerful Cowboys’ defense and has not scored less than 27 in any of those four wins.

For their part, the Jets are in free fall with three losses in a row and four in their last five games to leave a 7-7 record. New York is still dreaming of a wild card spot in the AFC, but their offensive problems look to be their undoing. They are coming off a late 20-17 loss to the Lions and in only one of those last four losses have they managed to score more than 20 points on opponents .

Prediction: Over.

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Atlanta Falcons (+240) vs Baltimore Ravens (-300) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Falcons Spread: +7.0.
  • Ravens Spread: -7.0.
  • Over/Under: 37.5.

The postseason remains an option for both the Falcons and Ravens in a matchup of teams coming into the game with a lot of trouble scoring.

After being at the top of the NFC South, Atlanta has lost three games in a row and five in the last six games to share the bottom of the standings with a 5-9 record. The situation is ironic in that they play the Buccaneers once more in the last week of the season while trailing them by just one game in the division. However, they will not have an easy assignment this Saturday against Baltimore’s strong defense, particularly because they have failed to score more than 18 points in seven of their last ten games. By the way, they fell short in each one.

On the Ravens’ side, everyone in the organization is keeping their fingers crossed that Lamar Jackson can return this week from his knee injury. Baltimore lost the AFC North lead with a 3-13 loss to the Browns and now has a 9-5 record, one game behind the Bengals. In four of the team’s last five games they have failed to score more than 16 points, but in those same four games their opponents have not scored more than 14.

Prediction: Under.

Detroit Lions (-145) vs Carolina Panthers (+120) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Lions Spread: -2.5
  • Panthers Spread: +2.5
  • Over/Under: 44.5.

If we talk about postseason hopes, we must also talk about the aspirations of Lions and Panthers to reach the stellar instance.

With three consecutive victories, and six in the last seven games, Detroit has jumped into the NFC Wild Card race and sits one game behind the Commanders with a 7-7 record. The key for the Lions, who have one of the best offenses in the league, is the adjustment they have made to their defense, which is considered one of the most deficient in the league, but which allowed no more than 18 points in four of those last seven games.

Meanwhile, the Panthers, despite missing a great opportunity to catch the Buccaneers after losing 24-16 at home to the Steelers, remain one game behind Tampa Bay for the NFC South lead. It’ll be vital for them to bounce back at home against Detroit because next week they visit the Bucs, and ideally they should at least have a chance to match them. Let’s see if their good defense can stop the Lions’ powerful offense .

Prediction: Over.

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Buffalo Bills (-400) vs Chicago Bears (+310) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Bills Spread: -9.0.
  • Bears Spread: +9.0.
  • Over/Under: 41.

Two teams that will finish the regular round in completely opposite directions will meet this coming Saturday when the Bills and Bears face off.

With their fifth consecutive victory, the Buffalo team assured their qualification to the postseason, an achievement that should not dampen their expectations of finishing the regular round with the best record in the AFC. With a record of 11-3, they share the lead with the Chiefs, but in the head-to-head matchup the Bills have the advantage. That’s why this game against Chicago shouldn’t pose a problem for them heading into their matchup against Kansas City.

The Bears have the worst record in the National Conference with a 3-11 mark after losing for the seventh consecutive time on Sunday in a 25-20 loss to the Eagles. The amazing thing about this Chicago team is that four of those losses have happened by five or fewer points, something that speaks to the fact that with a better defense, the team’s reality could have been much different than it is today.

Prediction: Over.

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New Orleans Saints (+140) vs Cleveland Browns (-165) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Saints Spread: +3.0
  • Browns Spread: -3.0.
  • Over/Under: 32.5.

The Saints and Browns will likely employ their final round of energy in this game to get into the postseason.

New Orleans picked up just its second win in the last six games by defeating the Falcons 18-21 to drop its record to 5-9. This leaves them just one game behind the Buccaneers, but with the problem that they lost both games against them.

In addition, they have to travel to Philadelphia next week, so it won’t be easy for them to beat Tampa Bay despite their good defense. In the last five games, no opponent scored more than 20 points against them, but in only two of those games did they score more than 16.

On Cleveland’s side, things are not very easy either, as with three games remaining they are two games out of the last two wild card spots in the AFC. In addition to winning their games, the Browns must pick up losses from the Dolphins or Chargers and several other teams in order to continue climbing the ladder. Cleveland’s comeback has come late with three wins in the last four games, including last weekend’s 3-13 win over the Ravens.

Predicción: Spread de Browns.

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Seattle Seahawks (+350) vs Kansas City Chiefs (-450) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Seahawks Spread: +9.5.
  • Chiefs Spread: -9.5.
  • Over/Under: 48.5

Two of the best offenses in the league meet in NFL Week 16 when the Seahawks and Chiefs take to the gridiron.

Seattle complicated its postseason aspirations by losing for the fourth time in the last five games and falling one game short of the NFC wild card with a 7-7 record. The Seahawks couldn’t handle the 49ers’ good defense and lost 13-21 last Thursday. Additionally, they must now face the best offense in the league, considering that their defense is one of the worst in the circuit.

Kansas City has already clinched the lead in the AFC West but is still in a battle with the Bills for the best record in the conference, which assures them of resting during the first week of the playoffs and playing all home games. That’s why having one of the weakest defenses in the league in front of them is a good omen to keep track of a Buffalo team that in theory has a very affordable game against the Bears.

Prediction: Over.

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New York Giants (+150) vs Minnesota Vikings (-185) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Giants Spread: +3.0.
  • Vikings Spread: -3.0.
  • Over/Under: 47.5

When the Giants go to meet the Vikings on Saturday, we might get a taste of a future postseason game.

New York took a breath of fresh air with a 20-12 Sunday Night Football victory over the Commanders, a win that leaves them alone in the second wild card spot in the NFC. The Giants were not going through a good moment after three losses and a tie, precisely against Washington, in their last four games, and this visit to Minnesota, with the Vikings already qualified, could end with a good result if the defense plays the same way it did on Sunday.

As we mentioned, the Vikings confirmed their participation in the next postseason with a historic win against the Colts. Minnesota will lead the AFC North after rallying from a 33-0 deficit against Indianapolis, claiming the largest comeback in NFL history. The Vikings finished with 516 total yards and won 36-39, their third win in the last four games played.

Prediction: Under.

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Cincinnati Bengals (-190) vs New England Patriots (+155) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Bengals Spread: -3.5.
  • Patriots Spread: +3.5.
  • Over/Under: 39.5.

Another potential postseason matchup, this time within the AFC, could be on the line this coming Saturday when the Bengals visit the Patriots.

Cincinnati is one of the hottest teams in the league and thanks to their six consecutive victories they not only took the AFC North lead, but are also in the running for the best record in the conference at 10-4. The Bengals are coming off a 34-23 win over the Buccaneers and a win against the Patriots would be very useful before closing the campaign at home with two very important games against the Bills and Ravens.

Meanwhile, New England slipped out of the postseason once again after losing in incredible fashion to the Raiders to drop their record to 7-7. On the last play of the game, with the score tied at 24, the Patriots decided to go for the game instead of going to overtime. That decision did not work out well for them, as after a series of backward passes to get rid of the Las Vegas defense, the ball ended up in an intercepted ball that the Raiders took all the way to the end zone.

Prediction: Bengals to win.

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Houston Texans (+260) vs Tennessee Titans (-350) / Saturday, December 24 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Texans Spread: +7.0.
  • Titans Spread: -7.0.
  • Over/Under: 38.5.

With losing streaks currently active, the Texans and Titans meet in a divisional matchup during NFL Week 16.

The Houston team maintains the worst record in the NFL by losing for the ninth consecutive time after being defeated by the Chiefs. Within the organization’s horrible season, it should be noted that in the last two games, against the Cowboys and Chiefs, they have lost by six or fewer points and even took Kansas City to overtime. In this way, despite their 1-12-1 record, the Texans could be a tough rock in the road for a free-falling Titans.

Meanwhile, Tennessee does not come into the game in the best possible moment after four consecutive losses and putting at risk the leadership of the AFC South. With a 7-7 record, the Titans now only have a one-game lead over the Jaguars, a team they already beat two weeks ago and will have to visit in the last game of the regular round. While against the Chagers the defense woke up, Tennessee’s offense has been in a slumber all season long.

Prediction: Texans Spread.

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Washington Commanders (+275) vs San Francisco 49ers (-350) / Saturday, December 24 / 4:05 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Commanders Spread: +7.5.
  • 49ers Spread: -7.5.
  • Over/Under: 39.5.

This Saturday afternoon, two playoff-bound teams, the Commanders and 49ers, will square off in a match that is both very intriguing and significant.

Washington lost a very close matchup against the Giants on Sunday Night Football and dropped to third place in the NFC Wild Card with only a half-game lead over their closest challengers. The Commanders, with a 7-6-1 record, are one of the pleasant surprises of the campaign; however, they won’t have a very easy closing schedule and this game against San Francisco is an example of that: although the 49ers are already ranked, they have the best defense in the league.

That defense is what led the Bay Area squad to seal its divisional title last Thursday after defeating the Seahawks 13-21 to drop its record to 10-4. In this way, San Francisco has seven consecutive victories and with a fairly affordable schedule to close the regular round, they could even think about finishing second in the National Conference. Their defense is good enough for them.

Prediction: Under.

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Philadelphia Eagles (+190) vs Dallas Cowboys (-250) / Saturday, December 24 / 4:25 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Eagles Spread: +6.0.
  • Cowboys Spread: -6.0.
  • Over/Under: 46.5

One of the most anticipated divisional duels of recent weeks will be played this coming Saturday when the Eagles must fly to the home of the Cowboys.

With the postseason already assured, Philadelphia needs just one more win in its final three games of the campaign to clinch the divisional title, precisely over Dallas. The Eagles are the best team of the season with five straight wins and a 13-1 record, although it’s possible that Jalen Hurts may not see action. They were predicted to be able to contend for the division, but due to a performance that places them among the best in the circuit both offensively and defensively, they have defied all expectations.

Dallas all but buried its NFC East title aspirations after a 34-40 overtime loss to the Jaguars. The Cowboys snapped a streak of four consecutive victories and allowed the most points in a game this year against Jacksonville. It’s also worth remembering that Dallas has already qualified for the postseason and that in order to win the division they must win their last three games and the Eagles must lose all of their remaining games.

Prediction: Eagles Spread.

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Las Vegas Raiders (+120) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (-145) / Saturday, December 24 / 8:15 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Raiders Spread: +3.0.
  • Steelers Spread: -3.0.
  • Over/Under: 39.5.

In a direct elimination match, the winner of this game between Raiders and Steelers will be able to continue dreaming of the postseason, while the loser will officially say goodbye to the season.

Las Vegas picked up its fourth win in the last five games Sunday after winning a wild 24-30 game against the Patriots. With no seconds left on the clock in the fourth period, the Raiders intercepted a New England fumble and took it all the way to the end zone. However, the options are not so easy as they are two games out of the last wild card spot, with many teams ahead of them, and they are going to close at home against the 49ers and the Chiefs.

Like the Raiders, the Pittsburgh team has a 6-8 record thanks to a late awakening in their play. The Steelers have won four of their last six games and with no chance in their division, they are in the same spot as Las Vegas in the battle for the wild card spot. When they play the Ravens and Browns in the upcoming weeks, their defense will be crucial in allowing them to keep one more bullet in their chamber and dream about the postseason.

Prediction: Raiders to win.

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Green Bay Packers (+200) vs Miami Dolphins (-250) / Sunday, December 25 / 1:00 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Packers Spread: +5.5.
  • Dolphins Spread: -5.5.
  • Over/Under: 46.5

In an extremely important duel for the postseason aspirations of both teams, next Sunday the Packers and Dolphins will face each other on the gridiron.

Green Bay kept its playoff hopes alive with a 12-24 home win over the Rams. This was the second win in a row for the team led by Aaron Rodgers, which must now win all its games between now and the end of the regular round, as well as wait for other results, to be able to get into an NFC wild card. The problem is that they must look for victories against teams that are also looking to be in the postseason, such as Miami and Lions, so the road will not be easy.

As for Miami, they have gotten themselves into serious trouble with three consecutive losses. Although with a record of 8-6 they are still owners of the second wild card of the American Conference, after the match against the Packers they must face direct rivals such as the Patriots and Jets, both one game away.

The good news is that they will be playing at home versus Green Bay after three away games in which they struggled mightily offensively, not to mention the difficulties on defense.

Prediction: Over.

Denver Broncos (-115) vs Los Angeles Rams (-105) / Sunday, December 25 / 4:30 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Broncos Spread: -1.0.
  • Rams Spread: +1.0.
  • Over/Under: 35.5.

Probably the least important game of the next day will be between the Broncos and Rams, since both teams are officially eliminated.

Los Angeles was knocked out of the postseason with Monday’s 12-24 loss to the Packers. The reigning champions will no longer be able to defend the title after a very complicated campaign, plagued by injuries and offensive problems that have them with a 4-10 record and sharing the bottom of the NFC West with the Cardinals.

Without Russell Wilson at the offensive controls, Denver halted a streak of five consecutive losses with a 15-24 win over the Cardinals. The Broncos are one of the biggest disappointments this year, as they are already eliminated and occupy the bottom of the AFC West with a 4-10 record. They close the campaign by visiting the Rams and Chiefs and hosting the Chargers, a team that could go to the High Mile for a postseason berth.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-250) vs Arizona Cardinals (+200) / Sunday, December 25 / 8:20 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Buccaneers Spread: -6.0.
  • Cardinals Spread: +6.0.
  • Over/Under: 41.5.

The Buccaneers and Cardinals, two teams coming into this matchup on low points, will star in the NFL’s Christmas Sunday Night Fotball.

Incredibly, Tampa Bay still leads the NFC South despite three losses in its last four games and a 6-8 record. The Bucs are first in the group chased by Panthers, Saints and Falcons, all within one game of each other with three weeks remaining. Offensive problems have been the Achilles heel for Tom Brady and company, and they have struggled defensively the past two weeks, allowing 69 points in two games.

On the Arizona side, the season is officially lost with a 4-10 record and four consecutive losses that have them at the bottom of the NFC West. With a totally disappointing performance, the Cardinals don’t have much to look forward to in the last three weeks, especially if they don’t even have Kyler Murray, who tore knee ligaments and is doubtful for next campaign.

Prediction: Buccaneers to win.

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Los Angeles Chargers (-200) vs Indianapolis Colts (+165) / Monday, December 26 / 8:15 PM E.T.

NFL Week 16 Predictions Picks Betting Odds
  • Chargers Spread: -4.0.
  • Colts Spread: +4.0.
  • Over/Under: 47.

The Chargers’ Monday Night Football game against the Colts, which will end Week 16 of the NFL, is a crucial one.

The Los Angeles team has weathered the difficulties and inconsistencies and last weekend they returned to postseason berths thanks to a 14-17 victory over the Titans. This was the third win in the last four games for a team that, with a record of 8-6, owns the third wild card in the American Conference.

Another good news for the Chargers is that, on paper, their schedule is affordable as they have to face two teams practically eliminated from any competition such as the Colts and Rams, and another team out of action such as the Broncos.

On the Indianapolis side, only a miracle could get them into the postseason, especially considering last Saturday’s disaster against the Vikings. Not only did the Colts lose Jonathan Taylor to injury for the rest of the season, but after trailing 33-0 they were outscored by Minnesota in the greatest comeback in NFL history. Indianapolis has four losses in a row and with a 4-9-1 record they must win all of its games and take losses from Tennessee and Jacksonville to get into the postseason.

Prediction: Chargers Spread.

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