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NBA All-World: A Basketball Game That Attempts to Revolutionize Sports Video Games

NBA All-World, el nuevo videojuego de Niantic para la NBA
Imagen: @BoonSlevin en Twitter

A new basketball game called NBA All-World created by Niantic, the developer of the blockbuster cell phone game Pokémon GO, promises to revolutionize the landscape we know of sports video games. It has been revealed that the game will feature gameplay similar to that of its most popular video game, except that you will be able to meet real basketball players in the streets.

Visually, the game is quite similar to Pokémon GO and will have the same premise for the player: walking through the real world. Niantic released a brief trailer along with several screenshots of the game in which you can visualize reigning league MVP Nikola Jokić, as well as Draymond Green, the reigning champion in the NBA withGolden State Warriors.

The game will also feature its equivalent of “PokéStops”: these can be found at basketball courts and sports stores along with other locations, and just like in Pokémon GO, these will be used for players to recharge their inventory and upgrade or purchase items.

This may be a novel experience for a sports video game, but one of the minds behind this project was a part of NBA 2K, and that is Marcus Matthews, who worked as a producer on this NBA All-World. Matthews made some comments about this new game in a blog post.

Niantic has been working hard to forge a new type of sports game. NBA All-World brings the real world together with a game of one-on-one basketball. Our development partner in Orlando, HypGames, has been stellar in leveraging its sports gaming expertise to deliver a fantastic experience, one that will appeal to casual gamers and basketball fans alike.

Marcus Matthews

When Will NBA All-World Be Available to Play?

NBA All-World is expected to be released to the public during the same dates as the start of the upcoming 2022/23 NBA season, although players are currently being offered the option to pre-register to enjoy the experience prior to its official release.

Pre-registration is quite simple and only consists of filling out a form, and Niantic will notify you by email once the game is available in your region.

Would you like to try this new sporting experience?

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