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Mexican Soccer | Liga MX Best Fans

The best fans in Liga MX have become popular because they follow their teams wherever they go, regardless of the situation they are going through, but above all for being relevant when their teams play at home.

All teams are different, some are longer-lived, others younger, some have many titles, others fewer, but fans do not fall in love only with championships, but with colors and history, and that is why, despite the passing of the years and the arrivals and departures of players, they are always there.

1.- Best Liga MX Fans: Tigres UANL

Best Liga MX Fans - Tigres

The fans of the Monterrey team are considered one of the most loyal not only in Mexico but also in the world. The Estadio Universitario, better known as “El Volcán”, has a large number of fans every two weeks who come to support their team. In many occasions, it is a full stadium, something that other teams only get when they face their historic rivals. However, unlike other stadiums in the country, this one has a capacity for 41,615 spectators. The best known group of fans is called “Libres y Lokos”.

2.- Best Liga MX Fans: Atlas

Best Liga MX Fans - Atlas

For many, the most loyal fans in Liga MX are the red-and-black Atlas fans. Without being a majority, they make the Jalisco Stadium heavy, thanks to their songs and their red and black tide commanded by “Barra 51”. This group is named like that because Atlas won its first title in 1951.

It’s funny, but most of the fans in this group are young, and were not fortunate enough to witness their team’s first championship, yet in the bad times they choose to stick around. It is important to note that the red-and-black team has been close to relegation on several occasions, but their fans never abandoned Atlas. In the Apertura 2021 tournament, Atlas broke a 71-year streak without being champion and gave its fans the greatest joy.

3.- Best Liga MX Fans: León

Best Liga MX Fans - Leon

Club León fans are among the best in Liga MX. The biggest challenge faced by their supporters was the relegation suffered in the summer of 2002, but they managed to pull through. The 10 years that they were in the Second Division or the famous “Primera A”, the “Fiera” had the support of their faithful fans. In 2012 they were promoted, and a year later were champions in the 2013 Apertura, which was their sixth title in the First Division. It currently has eight titles and is one of the teams with most titles in Mexican soccer.

4.- Best Liga MX Fans: America

Best Liga MX Fans - America

Club América plays its home games at the Azteca Stadium, the largest in the country, so it is difficult to have a full stadium every 15 days. However, it is one of the two most popular teams in the country, so it has fans in all the states and is often at home even when playing away, filling stadiums.

The best-known barras of the Azulcrema team are “La Monumental” and “El ritual del kaoz” two group of fans known for occupying the area behind the north goal.

5.- Best Liga MX Fans: Chivas de Guadalajara

Best Liga MX Fans - Chivas

The Guadalajara team is considered the most popular in the country. It is the only team in the league that is characterized by playing with pure Mexicans, nationality being the main argument for choosing it as a team. It has several groups of fans, but the best known are the 1908 Legion, named after the year of the team’s founding, and La irreverente.

In addition, it should be noted that Chivas not only has support in the local territory, but also has a large fan base in the United States.


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