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Top 10 Best Jerseys in the History of the World Cup.

Top 10 de las mejores camisetas de los mundiales de todos los tiempos
Members of the French team celebrate their win over Brazil after the final of the Soccer World Cup on July 12, 1998 at the Stade the France in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, France. Walking the pitch from left to right are: Thierry Henry, Laurent Blanc, captain Didier Deschamps holding the trophy, Bernard Diomede, Marcel Desailly and Alain Boghossian. (AP Photo/Michel Lipchitz)

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is just around the corner and at JefeBet we are preparing to take a nostalgic look at the 10 best World Cup jerseys of all time. These jerseys, moreover, were the protagonists of historic events in the world of soccer and were worn by great players who changed the way the sport was played.

Read below this select list and tell us what you think, which is your favorite?

The Best World Cup Jerseys of All Time | Top 10

Argentina – Mexico 1986

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

How can we forget this historic jersey with which Diego Maradona made history? This jersey was a classic that allowed Argentina to wear its traditional “albiceleste”, with white and light blue vertical stripes by Le Coq Sportif.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

In the 1986 World Cup, Argentina won the World Cup led by Maradona, who played a decisive role in this edition and in the final match against West Germany, which ended 3-2. This was the second World Cup won by Argentina.

Japan – Russia 2018

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

This Japan jersey from the Russia 2018 World Cup has been the most beautiful worn by this Asian team. According to Adidas, its inspiration comes from the samurai armor of the country’s feudal era. This jersey is characterized by horizontal blue stripes that blend into a darker blue with a much thinner red stripe.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

This team reached the round of 16 in Russia and belonged to Group H, together with Colombia, Senegal and Poland, matches they won, drew and lost, respectively. In the round of 16, they faced Belgium, the team that stopped their World Cup dream.

Brazil – Spain 1982

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo credit: Twitter @WCThrowback

This is a minimalist and perfectly retro T-shirt. Only three colors decorated the entire uniform, and only two were predominant. This team obtained impressive results in this edition of the World Cup, which was played in Spain that year.

They were eliminated in the second round, after losing to Italy 3-2. In the first group stage, they went through without losing a single match, passing over New Zealand, the Soviet Union and Scotland.

France – France 1998

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

This France 1998 World Cup jersey is iconic not only because of its beautiful 90s aesthetics, but also because it helped these players win the World Cup at home. The uniform had a wide red stripe and three thinner white stripes below the red. These colors, of course, corresponded to those of the flag.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

In the group stage they faced Denmark, South Africa and Saudi Arabia and won all three without stumbling. In the round of 16 they beat Paraguay 1-0 and in the quarterfinals they met Italy, whom they were able to beat on penalties. The semifinal was played against Croatia and the final was against Brazil and they won 3-0.

Mexico – USA 1994

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

This Mexico jersey from the 1994 World Cup in the United States is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful soccer jerseys. It has several designs and details worth noting: a print reminiscent of indigenous communities, a polo neck for elegance and visible red stitching that complements the colors of the flag.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

In this World Cup they won, drew and lost a match against Ireland, Italy and Norway, respectively. However, their route was cut short by Bulgaria in the round of 16, as they lost on penalties.

Australia – Germany 2006

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo: Twitter @classicshirts

This 2006 Australia uniform is still very close to the nineties style we mentioned before. It is a wide T-shirt with long sleeves and rather opaque colors. Each player’s numbers were framed by a green circle.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo: Twitter @classicshirts

This World Cup, played in Germany, was extremely important for the Australian national team because they managed to qualify after 32 years of absence and reached the round of 16, something unthinkable until then for that team.

Peru – Argentina 1978

Now we rewind the time machine a little more to go back to the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. This is a beautiful uniform that shines for its simple and striking design. Without the need for much pomp, it is one of the best soccer jerseys of all time.

In this World Cup, Peru qualified first in Group 4 with two wins and a draw. However, immediately afterwards they lost to the most difficult opponents: Argentina, Poland and Brazil.

Colombia – Brazil 2014

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

And how can we forget the shirt that filled the Brazil 2014 World Cup with emotion and flavor? Colombia had a modern jersey, with details of its culture such as the vueltiao hat pattern on the blue chest stripe, diagonal parallel lines resembling the flag and a closed v-neck.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys

In this edition, Colombia ranked 5th in the World Cup, ahead of Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan and Uruguay. However, their dream was abruptly cut short by the home team Brazil in a 2-1 match.

Croatia – France 1998

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo: Twitter @robertmdaws

Going back to the year in which the rooster was the mascot of the World Cup, we have the Croatian team’s jersey. This team simulated its national flag on the jersey, with a red and white grid covering a little more than half of the chest and the right breast. Although this was their first participation, they obtained incredible results.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo: Twitter @AnthonyZoric

This team overcame Jamaica, Japan, Romania, Germany and the Netherlands to take third place in the World Cup. What more incredible feat than that?

England – England 1966

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo credit: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup

Finally, we have another national team that achieved an iconic home win. It was England, who, with only a red shirt and their national crest, dressed up to be crowned. The simplicity of its design makes it incredibly attractive.

Top 10 best World Cup Jerseys
Photo: Twitter @England

In this World Cup, they only drew the first match against Uruguay, which ended 0-0. They went on to beat Mexico, France, Argentina, Portugal and West Germany. They undoubtedly passed over everyone who could have won.

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