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Top 9 Worst Jerseys in the History of the World Cup

Las peores camisetas de los mundiales de todos los tiempos - Dinamarca 1986
La camiseta de Dinamarca en el mundial México 1986 - Créditos @clasico.fc365 en IG

The World Cup is the most anticipated and colorful event in the world. We all look forward to finding out the next venue, the official song, the uniforms national teams will wear and, of course, watching the teams play.

In the history of the World Cup, there are beautiful kits, however, there are others that we wish we had never seen. This time we will talk about the second ones, as we bring you the worst World Cup jerseys of all time.

There are shirts to forget and shirts to remember, and here at JefeBet we bring you the 9 worst World Cup jerseys in history. Let’s see if we agree.

Top 9 Worst Jerseys in World Cup History

Mexico – USA 1994

This particular and colorful outfit was worn by Jorge Campos, Mexico’s goalkeeper, in the USA 94 World Cup. And something you may not have known is that it was designed by Campos himself. He was a mythical goalkeeper for Mexico due to his many achievements at club and national team level. The most important was the 4-3 win over Brazil in the Confederations Cup.

He finally retired on January 7, 2004 with 46 goals in his career (45 as a striker and one as goalkeeper). He is currently the Mexican goalkeeper with the most goals and the third-highest in history.

We love Campos, but not when it comes to his jerseys. Sorry! It’s in this top 10 worst World Cup jerseys of all time.

But, as there are different tastes. There are many people who did like Ramos’ peculiar designs. Watch this video that proves it:

United States – USA 1994

This jersey is one of the most “eye-catching” ever worn in an international competition by the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team. It was used by the visitors in the matches played in the USA 1994 World Cup and was designed by Adidas.

It was characterized for having a patterned background that resembled denim fabric (like jeans), which as we know is one of the most popular garments in the world.

We can not fail to mention the stars that were of different sizes, in white, that seemed to “flood” one side of the shirt.

Surprisingly, many people like this t-shirt. And it has even become a collector’s item.

Would you put it in a museum of beauty or bad taste?

If you want to remember how the U.S. team performed at USA 94, watch this video.

Bolivia – 1930 World Cup

This is one of the worst World Cup jerseys of all time. Who would want to pay homage to another national team on their own jersey?

The Bolivian team wore black shorts, a white shirt and black socks with two white stripes on the top. So far so good. Boring but good.

As this happened so long ago, here is a photo of the final of the first World Cup ever held: Uruguay, 1930. The final was Argentina vs. Uruguay and, as you know, Uruguay won that first title.

What places these Bolivian jerseys on this list is that the jerseys had a letter written on each one, and when the players put on the jerseys in order, it read: “Viva Uruguay” (Long live Uruguay). Can anyone explain this?

Although if you look at the picture, the player who had the U to write URUGUAY well went somewhere else, and you can read “Viva Urugay”. The tribute to posterity did not turn out well.

Can you imagine any country today doing this “tribute” to another national team?

It is “the worst” of the worst World Cup jerseys of all time.

Chile – France 1998

This is another World Cup jersey that let downs for many reasons. We are talking about the jersey worn by the Chilean national team in 1998 in the World Cup held in France, in which, they reached the round of 16.

To begin with, the width of these jerseys of tarnishes the figure of the players who worthily represented Chile in that World Cup. Let’s go! These men spend hours training and should at least look athletic wearing the uniforms, right?

If we move on to the colors, they are fine, being those of the Chilean flag: white, red and blue. But the strange design that these shirts have at the top, just below the collar in white, make it look a bit suffocating.

Recall that this is part of what Reebok modified in the design of the jersey to avoid problems with FIFA, as it made too much reference to the brand’s logo.

Although there are people who liked this sweater, the sleeves and collar make it quite questionable. It’s a “no-no” for World Cup jerseys. That’s why it’s here on the list of worst World Cup jerseys of all time.

We hope to enjoy Chile in the World Cup soon. It is one of the absent teams in this World Cup.

Belgium – Spain 1982

This is one of the most colorful team uniforms we have seen. It was worn by the Belgian national team at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, and it didn’t go unnoticed by anyone!

Intense red color

Don’t get us wrong, we love the Belgian national team. They have participated in 14 World Cups (including Qatar); their best performances were in Mexico 1986, when they came in 4th place, and in Russia 2018 when they finished third, losing 1-0 to France.

Let’s remember that they had just eliminated Brazil in the Russia 2018 World Cup, so there are high hopes for the Belgian team.

To Belgium we go, but the 1982 uniform is a resounding: Please DON’T DO IT AGAIN! Or they will have another place on the list of worst World Cup jerseys of all time.

Nigeria – USA 1994

In the 1994 World Cup, the Nigerians played in a shirt that left much to be desired in terms of design. However, their participation was better than expected, being one of their best ones in World Cup matches.

With respect to their game, the vertical and sharp style with which they took on every match earned them a place in the hearts of the world’s soccer fans.

We all sadly remember how at the end of the match between Nigeria and Maradona’s Argentina in this World Cup, “El Pelusa” was escorted to take an anti-doping test, along with his teammate Sergio Vasquez, and days later Maradona tested positive for epinephrine.

Maradona was suspended for several months after this result, and that was the last time he played with the “albiceleste” jersey.

Nigeria did not advance to the quarterfinals, but their jersey from that World Cup did make the list of the worst World Cup jerseys of all time. No doubt about it!

Believe it or not, this Nigerian national team kit has its fans. Do you like it?

Denmark – Mexico 1986

This Denmark jersey is remembered for many reasons. The most honorable of all is because it was worn by the Danish national team in the first World Cup they attended, Mexico 1986.

In that year, the Danish national team played impressively in the group stage, in what was considered the group of death in that World Cup. They beat Scotland 1-0 in their first game, then beat Uruguay in a historic game that went 6-1 (the most impressive performance in a World Cup so far).

And in the third match, the “Red Dynamite” beat none other than West Germany. They were on fire!

Unfortunately, Spain eliminated them in the next round. But this feat has not been forgotten to this day. Neither did the shirt with which they achieved it, but for different reasons.

The stripes on the shirt, designed by Hummel, were divided into a red and a white part, but the red stripes on the white part gave the impression of a pink that did not look good at all.

Also, the red shorts that continued the side design of the jersey, and the red socks with white stripes on top, it was too much!

It earned its place in the worst World Cup jerseys of all time. Don’t you think?

Jamaica – France 1998

These are some of the worst World Cup jerseys of all time because of their bizarre print from the jersey to the shorts. It’s just too much!

The colors are already quite striking (yellow and green), and although we love them because they are from the Jamaican flag, putting that green design on the yellow jersey, and then continuing it to the shorts, was an excess.

And if we add to this the yellow socks as yellow as the shirt, it’s a kit for the history but not for something good. And this happened again in the 90s!

We forgave this to the reggae boyz because it was their first and only World Cup, so they are national heroes. But please don’t do it again. The next time you go to a World Cup, which we hope will be soon, wear a better jersey.

Mexico – France 1998

The Mexico jersey is loved by Mexican soccer fans, and we admire that they wanted to include the Aztec calendar, but this jersey had to be among the worst World Cup jerseys of all time.

Mexico’s France 98 jersey was made by ABA Sports, a Mexican brand, and used the classic Mexican green on which they placed the famous Sun Stone, which is one of the most iconic symbols of Aztec culture. But the result did not convince us.

This World Cup also featured, as we saw before, the goalkeeper’s jersey, which is quite “eye-catching”, to say the least.

Mexico’s performance thrilled everyone with their passage to the round of 16, and the fact that they dominated Germany for most of the match, but the Germans eliminated them with that 2-1 result that sealed Mexico’s farewell to France 98.

¡Viva México! But please do not repeat this shirt.

What do you think of our top 10 worst World Cup jerseys? Do you think we did justice?

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