Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Win the Sixth Edition of The Match

Two quarterbacks put their expertise to good use over their rivals and fellow professionals, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen, when the duo Brady-Rodgers won the latest edition of The Match at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.

This sixth edition of The Match — a series of exhibition golf matches between prominent athletes and professional golfers that began in 2018 — featured only players from NFL, and although the quarterbacks who participated in this year are among the bests in the league, It was surely going to be hilarious to see them use their arms to push the ball down the field, and it was, as there were hilarious moments throughout the event.

Considering Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, and Allen’s lack of experience in the sport, it looked like it would be a close duel, and it turned out that way when the experienced duo won by a hole difference. Brady and Rodgers took the lead on the first two holes, but Mahomes and Allen managed to recover to take the duel to a decisive hole, in which Brady and Rodgers managed to prevail.

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Perhaps “lack of experience” would not be the best term for Brady and Rodgers, since this is the Brady’s third participation in The Match, while it is the second for Aaron Rodgers, although it was also the first time they played without a professional golfer on your team. For Brady, it is the first time he has won the exhibition tournament, while Rodgers looks like he could take up golf when he retires as he has won every The Match to which he has been invited.

Best Moments of The Match 2022

Since you’ve come this far, enjoy with us some of the best moments that were experienced in The Match 2022 between these great NFL stars.

Tom Brady Is One of Us

Brady may have a highly acclaimed NFL career, but when it comes to picking up the ball and trying to shove it into the hole, he becomes just another mortal like us.

Game Fixed?

Josh Allen tried to put the ball on the green but put too much force on the shot and the ball went far from the hole but bounced back onto the green.

A Little Help?

It doesn’t look like Tom Brady was having a great time after his shots didn’t go the way he wanted, so he asked his team for a few tips on how to improve.

Lots of Trash Talk and Good Vibes

The quarterbacks exchanged words on multiple occasions during the event, demonstrating the good relationship between them.

There was also time for jokes, as Josh Allen said he would use a golf ball with a picture of Tom Brady shirtless from his days in the Draft, to which Brady responded by using a Vince Lombardi Trophy ball.

Aaron Rodgers Has a Future in Golf

He has a good arm in American football and golf… Aaron Rodgers should seriously consider getting into this after his retirement, especially seeing the way he gave his team the win on the last hole.

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